18 Dec 2018

No to Hate Conference

Recent political events in Europe, the UK and USA have fuelled an increase in hate crime in Nottinghamshire and across the UK. These events and the media coverage linked to them has contributed to normalising hate speech and hate crime. The current trend in hate crime, if unchallenged, will divide our communities. Join the hundreds…

21 Dec 2018

Police Hate Crime Surgeries – Wolverhampton

Hate crime is a real issue for the LGBT+ community. If you are perceived to be LGBT you are far more likely to be targeted for a hate crime of the basis on sexual orientation. Last year alone, there were 718 recorded hate crimes in the West Midlands motivated by sexual orientation. Hate crime doesn’t…

22 Jan 2019

Tackling and Preventing Hate Crime: Policy and Best Practice

It has been two years since the government launched the ‘Action Against Hate Crime’ plan. Changes are now underway to improve legislation and support frontline staff working to tackle hate crime in its many forms. This includes publishing the actions taken since the 2016 plan took effect. Attend this briefing on the 22nd January to learn…

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