A day with an Imam: Prevent duty and tackling Islamophobia in education.

There has been an unprecedented increase in specific Muslim hate crime of 200% since 2015 (The Huffington post, 2015) as well as a 57% increase in Islamophobic attacks on the public reported to the police (The guardian, 2016) since the Brexit vote. With the British Muslim population totaling 2.1 million it is imperative both as a duty under The Equality Act (2010) and a Public Sector Equality Duty PSED for schools, colleges and Universities to combat such issues. Public institutions therefore need to ensure that measures are in place, staff are suitably trained and students are safe from such concerns.

This course aims to address these issues. It will be led by a qualified Imam who has studied at a traditional British Islamic seminary with experience of chaplaincy at British schools, colleges or Universities.

For more information, please visit website.

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