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Quarmby, K., 'Getting away with murder: Disabled people’s experiences of hate crime in the UK' (2008), London: SCOPE.
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Quent, M. & Schulz, P., 'Rechtsextremismus in lokalen Kontexten: Vier vergleichende Fallstudien' (2015), VS Verlag für Sozialwissenschaften, Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden
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Quent, M., Geschke, G. & Peinelt, E., 'Die haben uns nicht ernst genommen: Eine Studie zu Erfahrungen von Betroffenen rechter Gewalt mit der Polizei' (2014), ezra - mobile Beratung für Opfer rechter, rassistischer und antisemitischer Gewalt
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Quillian, L., 'Prejudice as a response to perceived group threat: Population composition and anti-immigrant and racial prejudice in Europe' (1995), American Sociological Review, 60(4), pp.586-611
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Quinn, K., 'Romper stomper: Violence for violence’s sake, or movie with a message?' (1997), in Bessant, J. & Hill, R. (eds.) Youth, Crime and the Media: Media Representation of and Reaction to Young People in relation to Law and Order. ACYS Publishing.

Quist, R.M. & Wiegand, D.M., 'Attributions of hate: The media’s causal attributions of a homophobic murder' (2002), American Behavioral Scientist, 46(1), pp.93-107
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Quraishi, M., 'Muslims and crime: A comparative study' (2005), Aldershot: Ashgate

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